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What to Expect on Our Full Day Las Vegas Kayak Tour

Posted on: February 15th, 2022

If you’re looking for opportunities to spend time outside when you’re in Las Vegas, a Vegas kayak tour is a great choice. Being out on the water gives you the opportunity to explore some of the most majestic natural landscapes in the region, including the Colorado River and the Black Canyon. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, a full-day Vegas kayak tour, offered by Blazin’ Paddles is an optimal way to see all the best natural sights in the area and have the opportunity to spot wildlife as well.

Blazin’ Paddles Full Day Tour

The Full Day kayaking tour through Blazin’ Paddles offers about 6-7 hours on the water. The total trip time is about 9-10 hours when you include transportation. The Full Day kayaking tour starts at 7:00 AM. Blazin’ Paddles conveniently offers free pickup for the tour. Pickup locations are located in various places across the city. You can find the closest location to your accommodations through the Blazin’ Paddles website.

The Full Day tour is an action-packed outing. You’ll want to be in good shape before signing up for the tour since you will be out on the water for a long time. Therefore, Blazin’ Paddles recommends having at least a moderate level of athletic capability. Your excursion on the water starts with a launch at the Hoover Dam, which is one of the most iconic sights in the country. From the Hoover Dam, you will start your trip down the Colorado River with the rest of the group and an experienced and knowledgeable guide. You will get a history lesson along the way, with your guide stopping to point out a variety of artifacts and relics that will be of interest to anyone curious to learn more about the natural history of the spectacular Black Canyon. The first part of the trip is a four-mile paddle from Hoover Dam to natural hot springs with water temperatures around 100°F. You will have time to stop and relax a leisurely soak in the hot springs before you stop to enjoy snacks on the nearby beach. After having a chance to rest and get a bite to eat, you’ll start to make your way back towards Willow Beach, which is a beautiful beach along the Colorado River. A notable stop on the return trip is Emerald Cave, which is a spectacular cave in the Black Canyon that is famous for its emerald green waters. Emerald Cave is one of the most popular natural attractions in the Black Canyon, and it draws thousands of visitors each year. The Emerald Cave doesn’t have its stunning green lights all the time, but luckily your guide will know when to schedule the Emerald Cave kayak tour so that you get to see the cave’s majestic waters. As with other Las Vegas kayak tours, there is always the chance that you will have the opportunity to spot some wildlife along the way too, including bald eagles and bighorn sheep.

Blazin Paddles Full Day Tour

What Does the Trip Include?

The Full Day kayaking tour with Blazin’ Paddles offers several benefits. You’ll get complimentary transportation from multiple hotels in downtown Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Strip. The cost of the tour also includes all the kayaking gear that you will need to have, including:

  • Kayak
  • Paddles
  • Personal flotation device

There are many types of kayaks available for paddlers. Blazin’ Paddles can easily help you find the right boat and paddles for your outing. Keep in mind that a personal flotation device is required, but the staff at Blazin’ Paddles can help you find the right one. The cost also covers lunch, snacks, water, and park permits.

About the Black Canyon

The Black Canyon is one of the most majestic natural spots in the Las Vegas region. It is a large wilderness area that covers over 17,000 acres. The Black Canyon is geographically complex with a number of different landscapes and formations from the eastern to the western sides. Canyons, hills, and cliffs are all part of the Canyon’s geography. The elevation of Black Canyon is fairly low and only reaches up to about 3,000 feet at most.

Along with the Colorado River, the Black Canyon is comprised of a variety of natural springs, including hot springs. Wildlife abounds around the Black Canyon as well. Along with all the natural beauty that it offers, Black Canyon is also a great spot to visit to see natural artifacts and archaeological treasures found in the area. Despite the fact that it is a large and beautiful natural area, Black Canyon is not too far from Las Vegas. Additionally, the western side of the Canyon borders Lake Mead, another magnificent natural area that shares a border with the Colorado River.

About The Black Canyon

Black Canyon Archaeology and Geology

The Black Canyon’s archaeological features are arguably one of its best assets. Archaeological relics that you will find in the area include lithic scatters and petroglyphs. The geology of the Canyon is just as impressive. The Black Canyon lies within the El Dorado Mountains, which are primarily metamorphic rocks that are more than one billion years old. The rocks are covered by colorful volcanic ash, giving them a magnificent white, red, and brown color scheme. The El Dorado Mountains also contain black volcanoes that give the Black Canyon its color and its name.

The Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave is another spectacular sight that you will see on the Full Day kayaking tour with Blazin’ Paddles. The Emerald Cave is located in Lake Mead, which is one of the top recreational areas in the Las Vegas region. Along with the cave, Lake Mead also includes portions of the Colorado River and the Black Canyon. The recreational area also contains the Black Canyon National Water Trail, a waterway stretching for nearly 30 miles. Along the way, the Emerald Cave kayak tour through the water trail offers beautiful views of the surrounding natural areas, including pristine waters and rugged cliffs. There are many archaeological remains to explore in the area, and you also have the opportunity to see spectacular wildlife. The Emerald Cave is one of the most popular destinations in the Black Canyon. It draws about 25,000 people who primarily visit the cave by boat to see what it offers each year.

The Emerald Cave

What to Know Before You Sign Up

A full day’s worth of kayaking means you will be out on the water for a long time. Although Las Vegas is located in the desert, its weather can fluctuate throughout the year, which in turn impacts the planning and preparation that you’ll need to do for your kayaking trip. Winters can be quite cool out on the water, which means you will want to wear or pack some extra layers. Summers are generally hot and sunny. They are mostly dry, but there is always the chance that a thunderstorm will creep up throughout the day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring or wear a raincoat if you are planning a paddling excursion in the summertime. The fall and spring months tend to be mild and pleasant. If you are planning to see the Emerald Cave when you are in Las Vegas, April through October are the best months to visit.

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