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Staying Safe Around the Black Canyon Wildlife

Posted on: August 27th, 2017

black canyon kayak trip

Whenever you go on a Black Canyon kayak trip, it’s important to know how to stay safe in the habitat of the local wildlife. This national water trail is approximately 26 miles long, beginning with the Hoover Dam in Nevada and spanning beyond Willow Beach in Arizona. There is a wide variety of wildlife you can see while having fun and relaxing on your Black Canyon kayak trip.

One of the most important tips for anyone attending Black Canyon in the Lake Mead area is to never feed the wildlife under any circumstances. Not only may it be dangerous for yourself, but feeding these animals can cause them to become dependent on handouts and make them less fearful of people.

Some of the wildlife dangers that you can come across at Black Canyon include poisonous scorpions, rattlesnakes, and Gila monsters. These animals usually only attack when they are cornered or disturbed. The best way to stay safe around this type of wildlife is to be careful watching your step. Other wildlife you may see while kayaking through Black Canyon include desert bighorn sheep, mountain lions, bats, rabbits, coyotes, and beavers. Touching or handling any wildlife at Black Canyon is prohibited because it’s unsafe.

There are at least four species of venomous rattlesnakes living in Black Canyon, and a bite from any of these should be treated with medical attention, regardless of the snake’s size. The Gila monster is nonaggressive and the only venomous lizard in Black Canyon, but its bite can cause respiratory problems and paralysis. There are also over 240 different types of water and shore birds in Black Canyon that rely on eating a variety of insects.

Overall, your safest admiring the wildlife from afar on your Black Canyon kayaking trip. You should also avoid coming into contact with the toxic Oleander plant and the surrounding waters. I

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