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Outdoor Winter Activities the Whole Family Will Love

Posted on: November 29th, 2021

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In some parts of the country, winter means a six-month stretch where you might try to limit your time outdoors. Parents and kids who decide to skip out on outdoor activities during the winter might think they’re making the right choice, but everyone tends to end up with cabin fever.

Winter’s chilly winds might tempt you and the family to stay inside, but there’s tons of fun to be had outdoors! From classic snowy pastimes to seasonal spins put on our favorite games to play outside, there’s plenty to keep you busy this winter.

Get ready to move, make some memories, and get the whole family involved in some winter wonderland action with these outdoor activities everyone can enjoy!

Fun Family-Friendly Outdoor Winter Activities

Throw on a winter coat, lace up some sleek suede sneakers, and get ready to make the most of what winter throws your family’s way this season!

Snowball Fights

Snowball fights are included in every holiday movie for a good reason. They’re a fun way to get the family running around, playing together, and outside when we might be tempted to stay indoors. Of course, snowball fights don’t need to turn dangerous, so make sure to explain to your kids that this is play time and not an actual fight.

Winter Hikes

If your family enjoys walking together in the warmer months, there’s nothing that says you can’t hit the trails during the winter! Make sure to equip everyone with a three-layer outfit for cold weather and you’ll be surprised at how comfortable it actually is to spend time outside when the temperatures are near the teens and twenties.

Take the Family Ice Skating

One of the best activities to take your kids to when they’re young is the ice rink! When kids learn to ice skate at a young age, this gives the family ample opportunities to make this a winter tradition as they grow up. Most places let you rent skates on-site, so no worries if you’re not equipped to hit the rink. A family ice skating trip is a definite must this winter!

Build a Snowman

There’s never a bad time to build a snowman. Especially if your little ones are crazy about Olaf from Frozen, encourage them to build their own snowman instead of watching the same movie all season long. That being said, not all snow is going to be optimal for a snowy friend, so be sure to keep an eye on the right time to build a snowman. Place the snowman near a window where the kids can see them first thing in the morning and right before bed. This way, a fun outdoor winter activity can turn into a temporary member of the family for a short while!

Host a Bonfire Night

Bonfires are fun in the summer, but if you haven’t tried one in the winter you’ll want to make that happen this season. Thanks to the warmth of the fire, you’ll be comfortable and cozy with hot chocolate and blankets, even when spending the evening outside! Pair some sweaters and hats with a cute pair of women’s suede sneakers and you might even get a holiday card photo opportunity out of the activity!

Make Snow Angels

Lastly, this outdoor winter activity can be a really fun way to use a fresh yard of snow for a cute photo and ongoing seasonal tradition. Line up the family for snow angels and take a photo. As the years go on, you’ll love seeing those little tiny angels grow bigger and bigger. It’s a memory that is sure to keep you warm during these cold winter months and all year long.

When you think of a perfect day spent outside in the winter, what’s on your activity list? Let us know what we missed and bundle up this winter for outdoor fun!