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Must-Know Facts about the Hoover Dam

Posted on: August 9th, 2017

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Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is one historical site that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only is the dam located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it is also steeped in rich history that makes it a major landmark. As you get ready for your trip, use these facts to get excited about a Hoover Dam kayak tour, which will give you an up-close view of this awe-inspiring beauty.

It Hasn’t Always Been The Hoover Dam

In the beginning of the project, the Hoover Dam was actually called the Boulder Dam. However, that all changed in 1930 when U. S. Secretary of the Interior, Ray Lyman Wilbur, chose to announce that it would be named after President Herbert Hoover. Since Hoover was associated with the Great Depression at the time, many people refused to make the change, and both names were used depending upon a person’s political preferences until 1947 when Truman made the name Hoover Dam official.

It Was Once the World’s Tallest Dam

When the dam was first completed, it was just over 726 feet tall and considered the tallest dam on Earth. Since then, the Oroville Dam in California has made it the second tallest dam in the United States. However, the dam’s power plant still generates enough electricity to meet the needs of 1.3 million people in Nevada, Arizona and California. It is also almost impossible to describe the impressive size of the dam, which is why the best way to fully comprehend it is to visit it in person on with a Hoover Dam kayak tour.

A City Was Formed to Support the Dam

After the plans for a dam hit the news, the major cities in the area began competing to host the project. Las Vegas even went so far as to try to clean up by shutting down the bars when Ray Lyman Wilbur came to town. However, those efforts failed, and it was decided that a new community called Boulder City should be built. This city housed a workforce of 5,000 people and their families, and it required 7 miles of roads to be constructed along with 10 miles of railroads to connect the city to the nearby dam.

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