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Kayaking Vs. Rafting

Posted on: September 25th, 2017

kayaking in Las vegas

People who are new to watersports often ask about the differences between kayaking and rafting since they want to make the best choice for their big adventure on the water. While you can tell a few obvious differences just by looking at the boats, it is important to note that there are more subtle differences that affect how much enjoyment you will get out of a tour. As you plan to go kayaking in Las Vegas, consider these ways that a kayak differs from rafting so that you feel confident about your decision.

Rider Placement

Kayaks are designed for no more than one or two riders while a raft can fit as many as ten people on the boat at once. Although most people are comfortable maneuvering a kayak on their own, it is possible for beginners to ride with a guide. Going on a group tour also allows you to enjoy the camaraderie that comes with kayaking in Las Vegas while still feeling that sense of individual achievement that comes with paddling down the river on your own.

Paddling Styles

Rafts are usually large enough that each rider can only reach one side, so they use single-bladed paddles to row together as a group. Kayaks are smaller, and you will use a double-bladed paddle that you move from one side to another to push your watercraft down the river. Learning to paddle as a group on a raft takes time, whereas you can quickly figure out how to paddle your kayak with just a few tips from your guide.

Speed and Overall Experience

Most people prefer the control that kayaks give them over maintaining their speed through the water. The sleek design of kayaks also allows them to slice through the water so that you have a smoother ride than you would on a raft. You will also find that kayaks offer more versatility since their small size allows you to easily pull them up on the beach while you relax and enjoy experiences such as watching the Nevada sunset.

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