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Clothing for Kayaking in Cooler Weather

Posted on: October 27th, 2017

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As days get shorter and temperatures start to drop, it’s important to know what to wear while out on the water in order to stay comfortable. Before you schedule your next Las Vegas Colorado River tour, check out these tips and tricks on how to dress for the weather.

Wet Suits

The overall-style wetsuit is a popular choice for paddlers because it allows for freedom of movement. Wetsuits hold heat close to the body and leave plenty of room on top for adding extra layers. They work by allowing a small amount of water to seep in between your skin and the neoprene material.


Layering is the most popular way to stay warm in cooler weather when paddling. Basically, you want to wear enough layers that you can remove or add as the weather changes. Start with an inner layer made of wicking material, like synthetic wool, to draw moisture away from the skin. A second insulating layer, like fleece wool, provides increased warmth. Choose an outer layer for protection against the elements. Avoid cotton and other fabrics that absorb moisture.


Keep your feet warm with a pair of wetsuit booties in cooler weather. They also provide excellent traction when walking your kayak into the water or keep the feet warm any time you slip out of the boat. Your feet won’t stay completely dry, but they will stay warmer than with wearing other types of shoes.

Because your hands are constantly exposed to the cold air while paddling, they are bound to get cold when you are on the water. Regular gloves can work but once they are wet, the fingertips can get very cold. The more waterproof they are, the better. Additionally, waterproof hats keep your hair and head warm and dry if it rains or when water sprays into the boat.

When dressing for a Las Vegas Colorado River tour, try to find a balance between maintaining the ability to move easily and staying comfortably warm in the cooler temperatures. Looking for a Colorado River adventure? Schedule a tour with Blazin’ Paddles online!