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Why a Kayak Tour is a Great Way to Spend Time With Family

Posted on: May 12th, 2017

Las Vegas kayak tours

Las Vegas kayak tours are an excellent way to spend time with family while on vacation. Ideal for all skill levels and most ages, kayaking offers a variety of benefits.

Experience Nature

Studies have shown that many children ages 8 to 18 spend over 7 hours a day in front of a television or monitor playing video games, watching television, or browsing the Internet. Kayaking gets kids out from inside of the house and away from of a screen. They can truly experience life on such an outdoor adventure. When packing, consider having children bring a waterproof notebook and pen to jot down notes and experiences after or during the trip. They can also carry along a pair of binoculars to view habitats up close.

Get Some Exercise

Kayaking is an excellent source of exercise for individuals of all ages. The activity helps put you in a better mood and can actually help you recover from fatigue and stress of work and tests. When traveling at a steady pace, you can expect about 500 strokes per mile, which helps work the chest, shoulders, stomach, arms and even the legs. Being on the water, you can also soak in some vitamin D, which helps improve brain function, lowers blood pressure and can make you feel less lethargic and more alert.

Spend Time Bonding

Using a tandem kayak requires teamwork and some cooperation in order to get the boat moving in the proper direction and to allow for correct turning. Navigating the waters with another person helps you connect both physically and mentally. You’ll spend time laughing and relaxing in a stress-free environment without the distractions of work and school. There will also be plenty of stories to tell of your trip for years to come.

Build Confidence

Kayaking is an excellent way to help build confidence in children, teens, and parents. You can take turns letting your child lead, so they can feel a sense of accomplishment while on the water. Parents with children 14 and under should opt for a half day tour, which is not as difficult as a full day of paddling.

When planning a family trip, Las Vegas kayak tours is one way to reconnect with family members and to get children interested in the outdoors. Schedule a Las Vegas kayak tour on our Blazin’ Paddles website!