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How a Kayak Trip Will Bring You Closer to Nature

Posted on: May 8th, 2017

kayaking the colorado river

From the second you place your kayak in the water, it’s about you, the sky, the water and your surroundings. Nothing quite provides the calm serenity or the thrill of sculling down the water with paddles in hand. Watch as the fish rise to the surface of the clear water to greet you, view the waterfowl taking off in flight from the distance, and hear the animals watching in wonder on the shore as you float by. Kayaking the Colorado River puts you at one with nature.

Enjoying Nighttime Nature

Night tours are a perfect way to see the water from a different perspective and to hear the owls chattering away in the treetops. Paddle out to places you can only reach by water. Under a blanket of stars when the nearby water is calm, you’ll feel more connected to your surroundings. The only sounds you’ll experience at night on the river are the soft conversations between other kayakers and the gentle noises of the paddles cutting through the dark waters.

Seeking Out the Daytime Wildlife

If you prefer to travel during the day, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of a diverse population of wildlife. Watch the bighorn sheep as they graze and make their way around the bluffs. Look for rabbits and other small animals as they scurry along in the underbrush, and if you are really quiet, you can hear the birds as they sing their songs, feed their young, and forage for food. Kayak tours offer a way to get up close and personal with places in the wild that often get overlooked on the land. As you paddle down the river, you can also hear the fish jumping behind you.

Connect With Nature

Kayaks are environmentally-friendly and let you explore without impacting the environment. Kayaks are also small and easy to navigate and allow you to reach pristine areas of beach and other spots that you can’t reach by boat or by hiking. They also have enough room to stow away food and other necessities, so you can linger longer.

Regardless of your age and skill level, kayaking the Colorado River is an excellent way to feel connected to nature and your surroundings. Check out our website to schedule a Blazin’ Paddles kayak tour and explore the great outdoors.