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What You Can Capture with Your Camera on a Black Canyon Kayak Trip

Posted on: May 15th, 2017

Black Canyon Kayak trip

The sights and scenery you see when kayaking around the Black Canyon area will leave you with priceless memories you’ll want to cherish forever. One of the best ways to capture the enjoyment of your Black Canyon kayak trip is to bring a camera along. Whether it be rare wildlife sightings or the majestic landscape, there’s no shortage of beautiful imagery available when taking photos during your kayak trip.

Breath-Taking Views

A Black Canyon kayak trip provides breath-taking views from every direction. This is one of the best places for both kayaking and photography throughout the Las Vegas area. You can easily store your camera in one of the compartments available on the kayak. While your camera stays dry when the compartments are closed completely, bringing along a dry bag or waterproof case may be wise.

Whether you’re starting your round trip from Willow Beach or the Hoover Damn, the total trip is about 4 miles or three hours on the water. Launching from the Hoover Dam alone is a photogenic, unique experience that is breathtaking on its own merit. Just a little ways up the Black Canyon Water Trail you encounter 55-degree cliff views with 30-foot drops over crystal clear river water.

Amazing Wildlife

The 100-degree hot spring pools are the next notable sight along this majestic water trail. Some of the wildlife you’re likely to spot along the way include rattlesnakes, bald eagles, and bighorn sheep. Before touching the ground at Willow Beach, you’ll have the chance to explore Emerald Cave as well. This water trail will provide you with different sights to photograph on each and every trip.

Hire a Guide

When you take a kayak tour guide, they can help you identify the points of interest and the historical sites you may want to photograph along the way. If the tour guide knows what you’re looking for, the can be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction to taking photos that exceed even your expectations. Whether you like to head out at sunrise, midday or sunset, kayaking with a guide can help you get best pictures possible out of your trip.

If you’re interested in getting pictures of great Nevada scenery and wildlife, this is the trip to take. If you want photos you can be proud to share and look back on one day, kayaking through the Black Canyon area is an absolutely mesmerizing adventure every time. When you’re ready to take the camera out for your next Black Canyon kayak trip, let Blazin Paddles be your tour guide. Schedule a tour with us online!