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Family Camping Checklist By:Immanuel of

Posted on: March 1st, 2021

Family Camping Checklist: 10 Must-Have Items in Your Backpack. By: Immanuel of

Camping is an outstanding way for spending a vacation or weekend connecting with family, friends and nature. It is good for our mind, spirit and body to mess up the daily routines, getting outside for relaxation and fun. You could go to national parks, forests, backcountry, private campgrounds or many other states for camping.

You don’t need many gears for camping outside. you could enjoy this new experience by figuring out the essential needs for a convenient, homey and comfortable camping. A handy camping checklist would help you to ensure that you have packed the necessary things properly. Your experience of camping may be amazing or worse depending on what you brought and what you didn’t. you could enjoy the natural beauty in an open place if you find all your essential items are just beside you. By not packing the important things, you may face many problems that could make your trip a living nightmare.

In this article I am going to give you a list of 10 items that you must have in your backpack.

1. Tent:

All of us like to watch stars at night in the open sky and this becomes amazing if you are in a forest or park that is full of natural beauty. But for the safety of you and your family, you must bring a tent while camping. Otherwise, a freak snowstorm, heavy dew or midnight deluge could make all of you drenched that may cause hypothermia. A tent not only is a safety gear for you or your family, but also a secure place to shield your necessary gears from heavy winds. You could bring two persons’ tents or a cabin style tent for all of the members of your family. Your tent should come along with tent poles, rain fly, stakes and rope.

2. Sleeping bag:

Your camping would be more comfortable and interesting if you could see the stars by sleeping in a season-appropriate and waterproof sleeping bag. Moreover, you may find fun in sleeping on a bed of leaves and moss, but you couldn’t enjoy the weather after nightfall. Temperature could drop at nightfall and there is also a high risk of insects that may be active at night. Thus, you should use a sleeping bag for keeping yourself warm and secure from insects. Sleeping bag is a must for the kids as they would turn and toss all night without it.

3. Water bottle:

Water is must to survive in the outdoors. Many campers have experienced the lack of pure water in the camping. Drinking water from a lake or pond is risky because the water may contain bacteria that could cause illness. You should carry enough water and always keep the water supply for one day with you. For extra safety, you could keep a purification tablet or water filter with you for emergencies. This would help you to purify the water of the nearby stream when needed.

4. Fire starter:

Your camping remains incomplete without crackling and warm campfires. You would need all the tools to start it quickly. You could start the fire using a steel and flint, magnesium fire starter, cigarette lighter or matches. Waterproof matches work best and you should pack two starters because you may use others if one fails. Take some strips of newspaper or dry bark in a container that is waterproof. Because it could be challenging to find dry kindling when needed.

5. First aid box:

Life threatening injury in camping is rare but you may face blisters while hiking that would require bandaging. Even small scrapes and cuts could get infected quickly if you don’t treat it in time. Thus, you would need a first aid box with you that includes- scissors, gauze, adhesive, soap, a mouth barrier, emergency whistle, antiseptic and bandages. You could carry insect repellent and sunscreen in a bottle for your safety.

6. Pocket knife:

A pocket knife could play an important role to cut rope, dice bait, fishing line, slice sausage or cheese, sharp a stick, tighten a screw, open a sealed pack, skin animals. You couldn’t do all of this work without a knife outdoors. If you forget to bring one knife with you, be ready to get frustrated quite often.

7. A charged GPS:

You should never go hiking in distant areas without a GPS or compass and map while you are camping. You may find the landmarks unfamiliar with the changing position of the sun and it could make you disoriented. It often happens that the campers wander in the forest for days and wait until the others find them. You should never take it lightly to get lost in the woods with a little water since that could be life-threatening. So, if you want to go hiking or your kids want to walk to a nearby creek from the campsite, ensure that you have your GPS in your hands. Also, you may need the best fish finder if you’re planning to do some fishing during your camping time.

8. Appropriate clothing and rain gear:

In a camping area, you would find a few clothes available. So, you need to keep them dry to avoid the problems in a cool climate with damp clothes. You should pack light-weight clothes and also waterproof jackets to wear in time of rain. The clothes should be light enough that you could easily dry them. always keep warm clothes if you are camping in winter. Waterproof backpack works best in the rainy season.

9. Lantern, headlamp or flashlight:

You could use a battery powered, portable light to locate any item in your tent or to go to the latrine at night. Campfires could not help in such cases. Tout headlamps work best as your hands remain free to do anything. Never forget to pack a flashlight or headlamps.

10. Toilet paper:

Many of the campers think that toilet paper is not so necessary to pack while going to camping. But an experienced camper would never make such a mistake. Leaves and bark make poor alternatives for latrine in both hygiene and comfort. Moreover, many campground bathrooms run out of toilet paper often. So, for your own comfort, always pack the toilet paper and a trash bag for disposal in your backpack.

There are more items that you would need while camping but I have mentioned 10 necessary items among them above. Take all the items with you and have an enjoyable and comfortable camping with your family.