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Best Types of Tours for Las Vegas Adventure Seekers

Posted on: October 4th, 2017

black canyon kayak tours

One of the very cool aspects of Las Vegas is the variety of its countless urban enticements and the remarkably varied outdoor recreation within its desert-and-mountain hinterland.

If you’ve got a thirst for adventure, Las Vegas turns out to be a great launch pad—from world-class climbing in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to backpacking up in the Lake Mead area—there’s some incredible country awaiting you within a stone’s throw of the Las Vegas Strip.

Guided tours out of Las Vegas make an excellent choice for sampling the region’s varied options for outdoor adventure. Let’s review some of your top options!

Kayak Tours

Of course, we’re a bit biased, but we tend to think there’s no better choice for a Vegas-based adventure traveler than a Black Canyon kayaking tour with us here at Blazin’ Paddles! Lake Mead National Recreation Area makes a vast outdoor playground right on Vegas’s doorstep, and we’ll take you through its very heart on a kayak safari down the mighty Black Canyon of the Colorado River.

To say that a downriver journey with us is a change of pace from the Entertainment Capital of the World is an understatement. You’ll see breathtaking scenery and desert wildlife, and meanwhile immerse yourself in the raw and refreshing tranquility that defines Black Canyon kayaking.

Bus Tours

From Grand Canyon to Zion national parks, from Hoover Dam to the Valley of Fire, breathtaking landscapes lie within a day’s drive of Las Vegas. Bus tours put this Southwestern scenery on a platter for you in plush, air-conditioned comfort.

Helicopter Tours

The scale of the Basin-and-Range country is monumental, and one of the best ways to appreciate it is by taking to the air. Helicopter tours are popular choices among Las Vegas day trippers aiming to goggle at the Grand Canyon, which lies surprisingly close to the city on the margin of the Colorado Plateau.

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Book your guided paddling trip down the canyon-clad Colorado with us today! Open to young and old, beginner paddler and expert, our Black Canyon kayaking tours are Las Vegas-area adventures accessible to just about everybody!