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Benefits of Going on a Guided Kayak Tour vs. On Your Own

Posted on: April 29th, 2017

kayaking black canyon

If you enjoy spending time outdoors in Nevada, going on a Las Vegas kayak tour may be perfect for you. There are a number of benefits of choosing a guided kayak tour instead of going out on your own. Professional kayak tours can help ensure you have chosen the right equipment and the right destination for the trip you have in mind.

More Quality with Guided Tours

Professionally guided Las Vegas kayaking tours, like Blazin’ Paddles, are designed to show you the beautiful side of nature you’ve never seen before. The intimacy with the water and the wildlife is like nothing else you have experienced. Whether you are looking for a relaxing way to wind down, or some adventure added to your life, guided kayaking tours offer it all. Be sure to bring your camera along, because most professionally guided kayak tours are absolutely memorable. Often times, the only way you can get access to some of the best destinations is by going on a guided tour.

Guided Kayaking in Las Vegas

Professional guided kayak tours in Las Vegas can help you enjoy majestic sights at destinations like the Hoover Damn, the Black Canyon, and the Colorado River. Guided kayak tours typically depart at multiple times throughout the day, so finding something that fits with your schedule should be easy. Some Las Vegas kayak tours head at after dawn, later in the morning, at noon or before sundown. Whether you are looking to head out for the evening, half of the day or the entire day, kayak tour companies can accommodate you.

Kayak Tours in Black Canyon

Whenever you’re in Las Vegas, one of the best places for kayaking is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Inside the parklands, professional guided kayak tours lead you out to the enchanting ecosystems surrounding Black Canyon Springs and the Colorado River. The canyon is located in Boulder City, just 30 minutes east of Las Vegas. With guided kayak tours leading the way along the beautiful Black Canyon, you can expect a round trip of approximately 4 miles.

If you’re interested in kayaking Black Canyon, Blazin Paddles provides professional guided tours to help sure you’ll have a safe, fun-filled adventure. Easily book a kayak tour with us today on our website!