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5 Key Attributes All Top Marathon Winners Have In Common

Posted on: December 11th, 2020

By: Elliot of

Running a marathon has a myriad of benefits. Physically, it helps you to stay fit and sleep better, as well as improves your overall health. When it comes to mental health, running aids in stress reduction as well as enhances one’s motivation and outlook in life. Socially, it facilitates the formation and maintenance of relationships with like-minded people. In other words, it fosters a sense of community among runners. Furthermore, engaging in the activity is one way to keep yourself busy, build confidence, or encourage yourself to accomplish something or to achieve a new goal.

Since a new year is not too distant, let us ask you a few questions. Is running a marathon for the first time or another in your 2021 bucket list? Or maybe, it is a lifetime goal you plan on achieving soon? Either way, you must be wondering about what it takes to finish or win a marathon. To give you a heads up, we listed the 5 key attributes that make marathon winners.

1. Determined

Firm in their decision to achieve their intentions, winners are extremely committed to their goals. Their aspirations are precise, practical, and feasible. Their target of winning a marathon is backed by short-term goals, which push them to always align their current abilities to what their goals demand.

However, what sets them apart from the rest is that they aim not only to improve their lives but to inspire others as well. Eliud Kipchoge, the man holding the current marathon world record, shared that he inspires others by travelling and speaking to younger the generation about his passion.

2. Hardworking and Self-Disciplined

Winners are hardworking and they make sure they apply self-discipline. They stay motivated, constantly push themselves to their limits, and beat their personal bests despite doubts and temptations to stop aiming for their goals. Always in control over themselves, winners make sure little habits such as getting up earlier than the rest of the world and following a strict diet make a difference.

3. Focused

Stepping away from distractions, winners keep their eyes on the prize. Whether their progress is big or small, acknowledged or not, they constantly track and reflect on this. In their minds, steady work paves the way to success.

Eliud Kipchoge also shared that journaling has been a big part of his success as an athlete. Indeed, recording one’s workouts helps in assessing one’s performance throughout training. Consequently, this may encourage one to develop ways on how to improve day by day.

4. Resilient

Merely running is easy but running a marathon—so much so winning one—is another thing. Extensive training may offer some adversities such as physical and mental fatigue. Or worse, injuries. The best thing about winners is that they always rise despite being knocked down by life’s hurdles. They may stop for a bit for a quick break, but these overcomers face challenges head-on.

To prevent potential mental slowdowns, nourish your mind by maintaining a positive mental attitude. Also, utilize protective gear to free yourself from the possibility of getting injured during training!

5. Consistent

The first four attributes are effective in success. However, three wheels cannot keep a car running. Hence, applying all these qualities with an unwavering effort at all times is crucial. Once momentum is built progress becomes almost second nature. Winning? Like a walk in the park!