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5 Fave Restaurants in Boulder City, NV

Posted on: November 18th, 2020

5 Fave Restaurants to Treat Yourself Before and After Your Tour in Boulder City, NV:

By: Lindy Doyle

1. Coffee Cup: Open since 1994, this breakfast/lunch stop has become quite the staple to all of the locals in Boulder City. They see their fair share of tourists too. Not hard to believe seeing they have been featured on the Food Network and have had an incredible reputation for decades. If you would like to have some classic, home-made diner food, check them out to see what all the hype is about!! You will not be disappointed!


2. The Restaurant at the Boulder Dam Hotel: A lot of people may drive past this hotel without realizing that there is a phenomenal restaurant located inside. They offer home-style breakfast and lunch. Anything from your choices of a classic breakfast, chicken fried steak, to their ‘Big Dam’ breakfast, whatever you choose you will be happy. If you have some time you can also check out their free museum of Boulder City history located in the hotel.


3. Fox Smokehouse BBQ: If you have looked up restaurants in Boulder City you may have already heard of this ‘ Southern Nevada Premier Smokehouse’. After a complete remodel and change of locations, they have finally re-opened!! (closed Monday & Tuesday). The owners are a competition BBQ team and a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society. They know a thing or two about BBQ, brought home many prizes and trophies…and it shows in their food!! We always send guests here. And time after time they reach out to us letting us know how much they loved it! If you are in the mood for some of the yummiest BBQ after your tour, don’t forget to stop here!


4. Chilly Jilly’z: If you are looking for something quick yet want tasty quality food, look no further. With fresh/ hearty sandwiches, friendly service and some self serve fro-yo this is your spot. They do have a full lunch menu; sandwiches, salads, chicken, smoothies, fro- yo etc. Cute little stop, if you don’t have time to sit down for a while but want something way better then fast food, we’d recommend this place! Two thumbs up.


5. The Tap: If you’d like to grab a well deserved beer after your tour, we’d recommend checking out this edgy eatery. Wide selection of draft beers, a full bar/ cocktail menu and eclectic food menu. A couple of things on their menu range from: sweet & spicy Thai chili wings, miso truffle fries to poke bowls and yummy burgers. If you happen do go on Taco Tuesday don’t forget to try the California Coast Avocado Tacos.

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