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Relieve Stress with Kayaking

Posted on: July 21st, 2017

Hoover Dam kayaking

Anytime you’re out in Las Vegas, consider going out Hoover Dam kayaking. This is one of the best activities for relieving stress! Heading to the relaxing waters of Black Canyon near the Hoover Dam is one of the best places to start kayaking when you’re in the Las Vegas area. Hoover Dam kayaking is a unique and fun activity that is not difficult at all to do.

Exercise and Stress Relief

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising is a great way to manage stress. It pumps up endorphins, it provides meditative focus, and it improves your mood. The best part is that you don’t have to be an athlete or a typical gym-goer to benefit from the positive stress-reducing effects of basic exercises. And kayaking is one form of low-impact exercise that almost anyone can do, and it has many stress-relieving benefits on the mind and body.

In fact, kayaking is a great way to get away from your daily worries and boost the endorphins responsible for making you feel good. Aside from pumping up the neurotransmitters in your brain, the methodical movements of kayaking may be described as meditation in motion for your body.

Kayaking through beautiful places like the Black Canyon can help improve your overall mood. Kayaking through the waters may be the soothing rhythm your body and mind need to recalibrate. You may be astonished at how effective this simple exercise can be at providing you with more control over your stress levels.

At Black Canyon, most kayaking tours launch from the Hoover Dam. The scenery this area has to offer will leave you awestruck and help free your mind of any previous preoccupations.

Come on a kayak tour with us and let the stress go! After launching from the Hoover Dam, you’ll pass by cliff views that allow you to see clearly through the water 30 feet below. You’ll also encounter hot springs with naturally heated waters on par with the typical jacuzzi. There’s also a wide range of wildlife that can be seen along the riverbanks. Before reaching Willow Beach, you’ll pass through Emerald Cave, one of the most unique sights in the area.

If you’re interested in taking a tour with us, you can book one of tours online!