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High-Angle vs. Low-Angle Kayak Paddling

Posted on: July 26th, 2017

Las Vegas kayaking

If you have any interest in trying out Las Vegas kayaking for fun, it helps to learn more about the two different paddling techniques. You may actually benefit from learning how to use both the high-angle and low-angle forward stroke methods when you head out for Las Vegas kayaking. This is mainly due to the fact that different circumstances require different stroking techniques when kayaking through places like the Black Canyon water trail.

The terms high-angle and low-angle refer to the angle that the shaft is held at while paddling. With the low-angle stroke, the shaft is held at the 45-degree angle. This provides more stability and less wind-resistance while paddling. For people who are racing or trying to paddle faster, the high-angle forward stroke is typically preferred. The low-angle stroke is often used by those attempting to conserve energy, while the high-angle stroke is more associated with achieving faster speeds.

Put these techniques to the test with a kayak tour. Whether you’re new to kayaking or a veteran, this is a great way to enjoy nature in Nevada while doing something less conventional. The best place to go kayaking when you’re in Las Vegas is the Black Canyon water trail. This National Water Trail puts you right on the boundary between Nevada and Arizona.
Whether you are looking to enjoy nature, some historical sites or just disappear somewhere relaxing for the day, Black Canyon is the destination for you. With one of our tours, you typically launch your kayaking trip through Black Canyon from out by the Hoover Dam. Along the way, you’re bound to pass the enchanting cliff views, relaxing hot springs, the majestic Emerald Cave and several varieties of wildlife until you reach Willow Beach in Arizona.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can employ the different high-angle and low-angle strokes for kayaking, consider using a guided tour like Blazin’ Paddles. Schedule a tour with us online!