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Fun Facts about the Colorado River

Posted on: June 27th, 2017


Las Vegas kayak tour

One of the best activities in the Southwestern U.S. is kayaking the Colorado River near Las Vegas. Learning more about the interesting facts associated with the Colorado River and Nevada can help us see why this trip can be so memorable. When you kayak the Colorado River near Las Vegas, you only have to travel about 45 minutes southeast of the city.

The Black Canyon National Water Trail extends from the Colorado River and Hoover Dam in Nevada to Willow Beach in Arizona. The Hoover Dam is over 720 feet high, weighs 6.6 million tons, and has a maximum water pressure of 45,000 pounds per square at the base. Starting your kayaking tour from here is one of the most intimate ways to explore the unique sites along the Colorado River near Las Vegas.

In the Black Canyon, full-day guided tours launch from Hoover Dam before encountering the enchanting cliff views that provide a clear view through the waters more than 30 feet down a 55-degree incline. The heated spring pools are a checkpoint to stop, unwind, and enjoy the naturally heated waters that reach 100 degrees. Kayaking through Black Canyon and the Lower Basin of the Colorado River is a rewarding activity that can be ideal for any age.

Other popular sites along the Black Canyon worth seeing are the unique wildlife and Emerald Cave. Many groups opt to set up camp and spend the night gazing at the stars on Willow Beach. The trip between Hoover Dam and Willow Beach is about 13 miles or up to 7 hours on the water. Kayak guides are available morning, noon, and night to take you out to enjoy the wonders the Lower Basin of the Colorado River has to offer.

If you want to find out more about taking a kayaking tour along the Colorado River while you’re near Las Vegas, check out the Blazin’ Paddles FAQs page and available Las Vegas kayak tours page.