Tour Minimums

Tour minimums for guided half-day tours depend on guide availability. As we get closer to the tour date, you may be asked if you can switch to a new launch time to consolidate tours.

Guided full-day tours have a minimum of 3 people to keep the cost of this tour as low as possible. If the tour you booked is in danger of not meeting the tour minimum, we will contact you and provide additional options to get you out on the river.

Self-guided tours do not have tour minimums.

I’m coming just for your tour, where should I stay?

If you are just passing by or not interested in staying at the busy Las Vegas strip, our store is located inside the Hoover Dam Lodge.

The Hoover Dam Lodge hotel and casino offers discounted room rates to our guests! Please call their reception (702- 293-5000) to book. We also offer discounted rates for staying or meeting at the Hoover Dam Lodge. Please email us for more information. You must book directly through our website to receive discounts. We are unable to adjust payments through 3rd party reservations.


Booking a Tour the same Day as your Flight

Please do not book a tour on the day your flight arrives in Las Vegas. If there is any problem with your flight and you have to cancel, we cannot issue a refund because your cancellation will be within 48 hours of departure. Please keep in mind pick ups on the Las Vegas Strip usually start up to 2 hours before the launch time. Similarly, please do not book a tour if your flight departs from Las Vegas before 8pm on the evening of your tour. Although, we can almost always get you back to our office before 6pm, there is never a guarantee because of accidents or traffic. Please see our policies for more details.

Do I pay per person or per boat?

All Blazin’ Paddles prices are per person. We do ask you as a courtesy whether you would be more comfortable in a single kayak or a double kayak. If you are bringing younger children we may require them to be in a tandem kayak with a parent, but all prices for all tours are per person.

Should I do the full-day tour or the half-day tour?

The full day tour is simply amazing. It may well be a once in a lifetime paddle. However, although the river is not technically difficult, there is often an upstream breeze that makes paddling a good workout. Remember, the Colorado River at this point is also known as Upper Mojave Lake because there is a dam at both ends. This means that, unless there is a water release from the dam, there is no downstream flow to help you paddle. So, the full-day tour is going to be a 6-7 hour, 13-mile paddle, often against a prevailing wind. It is an aerobic workout. Beginner paddlers ought to consider the half-day tour first, as should anyone who is in doubt about their athletic ability. The half-day tour is a round trip, so if you encounter any difficulty, one of our guides can always turn around early with you and help you out. However, the full-day tour is a one-way trip and there is no going back. The put-in for the full-day tour is access controlled by Homeland Security. We are required to move away from the launch site and continue downstream. There are no easy exits. Once you start, you must continue, so please be confident of your athletic ability before you book the full-day tour. The half-day tour is a fun 3 hour paddle that gives you a great taste of the Black Canyon and includes many of the highlights of the full-day tour including the Emerald Cave and many historic sites. The half-day tour is also suitable for younger guests. Once again, please take this caution seriously, if you are in any way concerned about your athletic ability, please choose the half-day tour.

Vouchers & Promo Codes

From time to time, Blazin’ Paddles will have promotions that use Promo Codes or Vouchers. All of these promotions require online booking. The difference between a voucher and a promo code is that the voucher will have a unique redemption code, whereas the Promo Code can typically be used more than once. However, whether it is a Promo Code or a Voucher, the code will need to be entered in the “VOUCHER” section when you book.

Live Inventory

The inventory on our website is live and is integrated with our reservation system. It is updated automatically and immediately as soon as someone makes a reservation. We would love to talk to you about booking future dates if you’d like to call us, but we really are going to be looking at the same availability you are.

Do I need to tip my guide?

Although tipping is not required, it is a great way to show appreciation to your guide if you think they did a great job! If you have two guides on your tour they will always equally share the tips!

When I sign up for a 7:00AM, 9:00AM, or 10:30AM tour, what does that time mean?

The times you reserved are what we call “launch times.” That is the time the tour is scheduled to be on the water. All pick ups on the Las Vegas strip can occur up to 2 hours before the launch time. It takes about 45 minutes from Las Vegas to get to our launch destination.

For example: on our full day tour, the tour time or launch time is 7am. However, we have to meet our escort who accompanies us through the secure zone of the Hoover Dam, by 6:20 am. Pick up times on the strip are normally between 5:00-5:30am. When you make your reservation and select a pick-up location, you will receive a message telling you the approximate time for your pick-up. Please provide us with a mobile number on your reservation, we will text you the day before the tour to confirm the exact time and details of the pick-up location for your tour. We will also need to know whether you want to reserve a double or a single kayak. For our overseas guests, if we do not have a working cell number, we will send you an WhatsApp message or email reminder with your pickup details the night before the tour.

Do you have items we might need for tour for purchase?

After we pick everyone up, we stop at our store inside the Hoover Dam Lodge to fill out liability waivers and use the restrooms before we head to the river. You will have the opportunity to purchase any last minute merchandise at that time.

Our most popular items for purchase: water shoes $20 / dry bags $13-$95 / phone protectors $6 / hats $16-$21

*all items are subject to availability*

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