When I sign up for a 7:00AM, 9:00AM, or 10:30AM tour, what does that time mean?

The times you reserved are what we call “launch times.” That is the time the tour is scheduled to be on the water. All pick ups on the Las Vegas strip can occur up to 2 hours before the launch time. It takes about 45 minutes from Las Vegas to get to our launch destination.

For example: on our full day tour, the tour time or launch time is 7am. However, we have to meet our escort who accompanies us through the secure zone of the Hoover Dam, by 6:20 am. Pick up times on the strip are normally between 5:00-5:30am. When you make your reservation and select a pick-up location, you will receive a message telling you the approximate time for your pick-up. Please provide us with a mobile number on your reservation, we will text you the day before the tour to confirm the exact time and details of the pick-up location for your tour. We will also need to know whether you want to reserve a double or a single kayak. For our overseas guests, if we do not have a working cell number, we will send you an WhatsApp message or email reminder with your pickup details the night before the tour.