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Is Emerald Cave Worth Visiting

Posted on: June 15th, 2022

As the weather is getting warmer, you are probably thinking about fun outdoor activities to do this summer alone or with friends and family. Water-based activities are even more appealing when temperatures rise in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Getting out on the calm and quiet Colorado River is a magical experience for visitors and residents alike. There, you have a chance to explore some of the greatest natural wonders of the Southwest, including the majestic Emerald Cave. If you want to check out the Emerald Cave for the first time, the friendly staff at Blazin’ Paddles will give you the inside scoop.

Sign Up for a Tour

A kayaking tour is a great way to meet new people with similar mindsets, and kayaking tours are equally accessible to visitors and locals. With Blazin’ Paddles, you can look forward to an excellent guided tour with knowledgeable guides and a great group of paddling companions. If you are new to kayaking or exploring the Las Vegas area with strangers, you may naturally wonder what you can expect with the Vegas kayak tour and its benefits. The staff at Blazin’ Paddles, who regularly offer a variety of Las Vegas kayak tours, will gladly fill you in.

The Blazin’ Paddles Full Day Tour

A full day Emerald Cave tour will require some stamina and commitment. However, you’ll also enjoy access to one of the most desirable and beautiful areas in the Southwest, and you will likely make new friends along the way. With the Blazin’ Paddles tour, you can expect to spend 6-7 hours on the water. If you add in pick-up and drop-off time, a full-day tour can take up to 10 hours in total. You will leave at about 7:00 AM to start your tour. If you are staying in the area, there are several convenient pick-up spots where you can get a ride to the start of the tour. Blazin’ Paddles has information posted on their website about looking for the closest pick-up locations. If you are thinking about heading out on a day-long kayaking tour, you should make sure that you are in relatively good shape, as the athletic ability for the full-day tour ranges from moderate to difficult.

The day-long Emerald Cave tour offered by Blazin’ Paddles is an action-packed adventure. The tour includes a long paddle down the Colorado River that stops at iconic sites along the way. The day starts with a scheduled pick-up at a designated location, perhaps a Las Vegas hotel on the Strip. From there, you will be taken to the kayaking launch site in a Mercedes Sprinter van. Although you will ultimately be visiting one of the most popular destinations in the world on your trip, the Emerald Cave, your kayaking journey also feels like a Hoover Dam kayak tour, as you start your expedition at the legendary Hoover Dam.

The Blazin Paddles Full Day Tour

You will also get a stop at the Black Canyon, a beautiful natural site teeming with natural and manmade history. As you paddle down the river towards the Emerald Cave, you will also have the chance to stop and see dozens of archaeological artifacts. Progressing down the river, you will reach another welcome site, which is natural hot springs. The hot springs are a great place to soak and relax before heading over to the nearby beach for snacks before starting the return portion of your journey.

Throughout the kayaking tour, keep an eye out for famous wildlife in the area, including Big Horn Sheep, eagles, and other desert wildlife. At the end of the day, you’ll head back to Willow Beach, where you can catch a return shuttle to the Strip. If you are not too tired, you will have plenty of time remaining to explore all the attractions that Las Vegas offers. Highlights of the trip overall include:

  • A 12-mile paddle.
  • A visit to the Emerald and Sauna Caves.
  • A change to look at many historic sites.
  • A dip in the hot springs.
  • The chance to stop and relax at the beach.

Lunch, snacks, and water are also provided.

About the Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave is one of the most spectacular natural spots in the Las Vegas region. The Emerald Cave gets its name because of its stunning green color. The cave gets its green hues from several sources, including the brown and yellow rock walls that form its walls. The colors of the sun and surrounding cliffs also contribute to the Emerald Cave’s colors. Algae that grow along rocks surrounding the river and even on the water itself contribute to the cave’s stunning green hues.

About The Emerald Cave

Swimming at the Emerald Cave

Even though you might be venturing to the Emerald Cave with a kayak, it is possible to get out and swim. Taking a dip in the cave can be rewarding on a hot day, but be sure to save some energy, as you still have to paddle back down the river! Whether you’re in the boat or you are splashing around in the water, be sure to bring your camera to take photos of your time spent in the Emerald Cave.

What to Expect From Your Tour

Las Vegas kayak tours will be right up your alley if you aren’t into large group activities. These kayaking tours are limited to small groups of people, with about 5-15 in total group size. Along with the other people in the group, you will also paddle up the river with a guide, who will give you details about the Colorado River and all the sites and wonders you see along the way. You will have the opportunity to pause for photos and a swim break along the way. Although this portion of the Colorado River is generally easy to navigate, you should only sign up if you have some experience kayaking due to the length of the kayaking tour. It is sometimes more difficult to paddle back to Willow Beach at the end of the day due to wind speed and direction, which is another consideration to keep in mind.

What To Expect From Your Tour

How Large is Emerald Cave?

Although Emerald Cave is a popular tourist destination, it is not a very big spot. The Emerald Cave can hold about 2-4 kayaks at once. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go out with a guided tour to ensure that you get to the cave when it won’t be as crowded and to make sure that you can get into the cave once you have made it all the way there. Visiting the Emerald Cave during peak season means that you may encounter a line of people waiting to get in. However, it is worth the wait to catch a glimpse of the cave’s interior.

What Should You Bring?

When you are going on a Las Vegas kayaking expedition, you will need to bring some of your own equipment. That includes layers, as it can get chilly on the water, along with a hat, sunglasses, and waterproof footwear. In the warmer months, you may also want to wear a bathing suit, and you will also want to wear sunscreen.

Contact Blazin’ Paddles today for more details about a Vegas kayak tour that you won’t forget. More information is available through our website.

Vegas Kayak Tour That You Wont Forget