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Caves & Canyons of the Black Canyon Water Trail

Posted on: July 12th, 2017

Black Canyon kayaking

Nestled along a remote portion of the Colorado River, the Black Canyon River Trail features 12-miles of hidden treasures to explore. The perfect playground for those seeking a respite from the busy work week, the river trail includes a variety of canyons and caves among the spectacular scenery. When you sign up for an exciting Black Canyon kayaking tour, you have access to some of the most beautiful spots only reachable by water.

Sauna Cave

Drilled by miners working on the Hoover Dam when it was first being built in the early 1900s, the Sauna Cave is best noted by the calcium carbonate crystals that line the cave walls. The cave is a 50-foot tunnel with planks in place to reach the back where temperatures reach as hot as 130-degrees Fahrenheit. Here, you can sit and enjoy the natural sauna.

Emerald Cave

Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots on the river trail is Emerald Cave. This beautiful canyon is just a short half-day trip from Willow Beach, which is approximately a 4-mile round trip. Traverse just inside the cave and wait for the sunlight to hit at just the right angle. The result is an inspiring emerald green color that makes for incredible pictures.

Boy Scout Canyon

Located along mile 61.75 of Black Canyon is the Boy Scout Canyon. To reach the first pools, you must make the short fourth a mile walk upstream from the river. Climb the installed ropes to reach the very top where you will reach the two-mile hot springs.

Eldorado Canyon

The Black Canyon Water Trail ends at the Eldorado Canyon. Red Rocks tower on either side of the canyon with water flowing through the center which makes for a picturesque ending to any Black Canyon kayak journey.

Goldstrike Canyon

The Goldstrike Canyon is one of the few canyons along the Black Canyon River Trail that is accessible solely by land. The hike leads to the Goldstrike Canyon Hot Springs, which is also known as the Nevada Hot Springs.
To see such points of interest and others, book a Black Canyon kayaking trip. Sign up online for a half day or a day-long excursion with our experienced guides.