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The Benefits of Enjoying Nature

Posted on: August 1st, 2017

Colorado River kayaking trip

A Colorado River kayaking trip isn’t only about transfixing scenery and sheer fun of the downriver experience—although those are definitely a big part of the package. The benefits that come from journeying down the great, cliff-clad flow with us run deep, and they cover the range from the physical to the emotional.

For the adventure and for the tranquility, paddling the Black Canyon of the Colorado serves as an unbeatable (and mighty convenient) escape from Las Vegas. Here are three reasons why an immersion in the raw grandeur of this natural wonder is so good for you!

It’s Healthful—Seriously

Loads of evidence suggest that simply spending time in nature is good for us. There’s the exercise element, for one thing—and few forms of exercise are so pleasurable as Colorado River kayaking, where easy strokes translate to blissful glides down a wilderness waterway.

There’s more, though. Research on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku—literally “forest bathing”—suggests these simple escapes to the woods can decrease blood pressure and stress hormones, among other healthy payoffs.

It Connects You to a Bigger, Older World

The awe, inspiration, and even communion you feel in the embrace of Mother Nature may stem at their root from humankind’s genetic affinity for the natural world. It’s a concept known as biophilia, and it certainly encompasses much of the joy our paddlers feel in the heart of the Black Canyon. The sound of the river, the melody of a canyon wren, the play of light and shadow upon the rock walls—these are ancient stimuli, and something deep inside us responds to them. It’s an indescribable feeling.

It Puts You in the Moment

The tempo of paddling and the sublime landscape of the Black Canyon nestle you very much in the here-and-now. In our technology-obsessed society, amid our nose-to-the-grindstone work culture, that experience can be a rare and fleeting one. It does incalculable good to focus on the marvels of the moment, which take center stage while kayaking the Colorado River!

To enjoy these and all the other manifold benefits of a paradise in the great outdoors, schedule your kayaking adventure in the Black Canyon with us!