What do I need wear and what should I bring?

We always recommend closed toe water shoes or sneakers you do not mind getting wet because, we will be on desert terrain with a lot of different sized rocks, in and out of the water. Dress accordingly to the weather, it is normally best to wear athletic and outdoor type of clothing that dries fast. During our warmer months, you will have the opportunity to swim! You can wear your swim wear under your clothes. We always also recommend wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen (sunburn is never fun)!

Blazin’ Paddles does not provide any lockers. The less you bring will be better. If you have personal belongings you are able to store them in your kayak hatches; however, we can not guarantee it will stay dry. If you need to protect any of your belongings from getting wet, please use some type of waterproof protection. We do sell waterproof phone cases ($6) and dry bags at our office (starting at $15) before tour. On the full-day tour you will need a government-issued picture ID. You might also want to bring a little cash to spend at the Marina store after your trip or for gratuities. Please try to leave purses and handbags and other bulky items at home, in your hotel or car, as we again we do not have lockers for belongings.