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Cultivating a Sense of Adventure

Posted on: September 15th, 2017

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Maybe you’ve been a self-described adventurer all your life, always questing about for the next mountain to climb or cave to “spelunk” or land-speed record to beat.

But if not, and even if the above exploits seem too extreme for you, it’s more than possible to nurture, or cultivate, a sense of adventure. Adventure, after all, isn’t purely synonymous with pushing yourself to the limits of your body—not by a long shot. In a deeper sense, it’s about opening yourself up to intimate—not necessarily fast-paced or death-defying—experiences with the world.

Your Personal Sense of Adventure

Adventure is really about exploration and open-mindedness. For some, that may mean skydiving or racecar-driving; for others, it might be an early-morning stroll down a novel path in the forest, or tracking the paw prints of a fox along a snowy road. No one can tell you what is or isn’t adventurous to you. What matters is how you feel inside when engaged in the activity or journey in question.

Pursuing Adventure on the Black Canyon of the Colorado

For those who’ve never tried kayaking before, or never visited the epic desert chasm of the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, we highly recommend cultivating your sense of adventure on one of our Blazin’ Paddles Las Vegas kayak tours. Our paddling trips are accessible to experienced kayakers and beginners alike. They instill a sense of wonder at the geological scale of the mighty canyon; shift you from the human tempo to the river’s; and acquaint you directly with the primal via wildlife encounters such as desert bighorns, canyon wren and raven, and more.

Our adventures are about experiencing a beautiful and awe-inspiring place firsthand. And these kayak tours are adventures that will stay with you for good and create great memories to share. Use our website to book a Las Vegas kayak tour down the Black Canyon of the Colorado!