How much stuff should I bring?

Our recommendation is that you bring as little as possible. On the full-day tour you will need a government-issued picture ID. You might also want to bring a little cash to spend at the Marina store after your trip or for gratuities. Feel free to dress in what you will wear on the river. Otherwise, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen is all you need. Although there are dry hatches in the kayak, they are only as dry as how well you fit the lid on. If you tip your kayak and the dry hatch is not tightly secured, you will lose everything to the bottom of the river! We sell dry bags and dry phone cases if you don’t have any. Please try to leave purses and handbags and other bulky items at home or in your hotel or car. Unfortunately you will not be able to leave items on the bus as it makes multiple trips throughout the day.