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Facts About the Hoover Dam that You Didn’t Know

Facts About the Hovver Dam


If you’ve ever been kayaking or dream of kayaking near the Hoover Dam, you know what an awe-inspiring structure this engineering marvel is. Full of mystery and intrigue, the dam attracts approximately a million visitors every year. Aside from being the world’s largest source of hydroelectric power, consider these Hoover Dam facts that you may not know.

Construction of the dam started in 1931 and lasted for five years.

It took a team of more than 10,000 people to construct the dam. Miles of streets were paved and buildings were constructed to accommodate these workers and their families. Thus, the community of Boulder City was born and is still standing today.

The great arch of the dam contains 3.25 million cubic yards of concrete and the power plant and additional facilities contain 1.11 million cubic yards. This is enough concrete to build a full-sized highway from one end of the United States to the other.

The power generated by the dam supports Nevada, Arizona, and California. It produces approximately 4.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

The Hoover Dam forms the Lake Mead reservoir, which is the largest reservoir by volume in the United States.

Hoover Dam stands an impressive 726-feet high and is 650-feet thick at the bottom and 45-feet thick at the top.

The dam was named after the wildly unpopular President Herbert Hoover during a publicity stunt. Secretary of the Interior Wilbur traveled to the area in 1930 to the official opening of the project and gave the structure its name. His successor changed the name to the Boulder Dam in 1933. In 1947, President Truman changed the name back to the Hoover Dam, stating Hoover was the one who brought the project to life.

Today, one of the most important of the Hoover dam facts is the dam helps minimize the risk of floods in the area, helps with irrigation of crops, provides water for nearby cities and towns and serves as a recreational area for boating, fishing, kayaking and other water sports.

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How to Launch a Kayak from the Hoover Dam

Hot To Launch A Kayak at the Hoover Dam


The Black Canyon of the Colorado River is a marvel of geology, carved over millions of years by the Colorado River’s patient flow. Meanwhile, Hoover Dam, which impounds the river in the canyon to form Lake Mead, is a marvel of engineering, the product of several years of construction during the Great Depression (and decades of planning prior).

Hoover Dam kayaking—launching at the dam and paddling down into the steep-walled gorge—shows off both the manmade and geological wonders of the Black Canyon.

Hoover Dam Kayaking: The Nuts & Bolts

Because Hoover Dam is a security zone, the Bureau of Reclamation requires boaters launching here to obtain a permit, a limited quantity of which are issued for a given day. A number of area outfitters provide those permits.

Furthermore, only authorized vehicles can access the Hoover Dam launch site, so if you’re doing an independent paddle here you’ll have to use a designated livery service to get your boat in the water.

Black Canyon Kayaking at its Easiest & Best: A Trip With Blazin’ Paddles

You can avoid the hassle of obtaining paddlecraft launch permit and arranging transportation by signing on to a guided kayak tour from Hoover Dam along the Black Canyon Water Trail with us here at Blazin’ Paddles.

We’re one of the select vendors authorized to launch at Hoover Dam, and we’ll bring you to the launch site in our super-comfy Mercedes Sprinter shuttles. We’ve taken care of the launch permits, so you don’t need to worry about any of the logistics.

And our expert guides are happy to lead experienced kayakers and total newbies alike, so beginner paddlers who might otherwise balk at a Black Canyon exploration can rest easy with the Blazin’ Paddles team! With our topnotch services, you can admire the grandeur of Hoover Dam, the rugged glory of the Black Canyon, and the beauty of native wildlife, from bald eagles to desert bighorns.

Get in touch with us today to join one of our Hoover Dam kayaking tours through the Black Canyon of the Colorado!

Kayaking & Boating Restrictions and Rules in the Black Canyon

Black Canyon Kayaking and Boating Restrictions


The Black Canyon Water Trail is a notable Las Vegas attraction that takes you on an awe-inspiring trip that includes memorable views of the Hoover dam along with the chance to spot desert wildlife such as an eagle soaring overhead. While this is one of the most sought after places for boating enthusiasts, the National Park Service has enacted some rules and restrictions to help preserve the wilderness experience that makes this waterway so unique. As you plan your kayaking adventure, keep these Black Canyon boating restrictions in mind so that everyone in your group enjoys the natural beauty of this part of the Colorado River.

Year Round Restrictions

This section of the Colorado River is too narrow to waterski, wakeboard or takes a houseboat on safely so these activities are restricted throughout the year. Every Sunday and Monday of the year is also a time when the area between the Hoover Dam and Willow Beach are designated as a primitive zone where only motor-less recreational vehicles are allowed. For this reason, this is a prime time when kayakers tend to enjoy taking tours where they can soak up the beauty of the desert climate in peaceful silence.

Seasonal Regulations

There are also some Black Canyon boating restrictions that occur seasonally. Starting on Labor Day and continuing through to the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, this area is a semi-private zone where boats with 65-horsepower or less are allowed to also share the Black Canyon waterway with kayakers. During the other portion of the year, you may encounter motorized vehicles on the trailway, but they must continue to respect the natural environment while maintaining safety for non-motorized tours.

Launching Restrictions

Many people are surprised to discover that there are also launching restrictions in place at the Hoover Dam. To support more non-motorized visits to the Black Canyon, the National Park Service issues commercial-use permits to vendors in Nevada and Arizona so that tour groups can have the special opportunity to launch at the Hoover Dam. While this can only be done during set times, it is an amazing way to kick off your kayaking adventure tour.

Blazin’ Paddles has everything you need to comply with the boating rules in the Black Canyon including the opportunity to launch at the Hoover Dam so simplify your vacation by scheduling a tour today.

Common Misconceptions About Kayaking

Hoover Dam Kayaking

Are you itching to get out on the Colorado River and bask in the beauty of its Black Canyon, but you’re hesitating because you’ve never kayaked before?

Well, here’s the good news right off the bat: Here at Blazin’ Paddles, we offer Colorado River kayaking adventures that even complete novices can enjoy.

Kayaking is the kind of accessible outdoor activity that can become a lifelong pleasure. So, let’s dispel a few common misconceptions that otherwise might prevent you from ever giving it a try.

Is Kayaking Difficult?

Even to a non-paddler, the operation of a canoe can seem pretty straightforward. A kayak, by contrast, may look intimidatingly narrow and low-riding, and the double-bladed paddle might appear unwieldy.

Actually, kayaking is a beautifully simple and efficient way to glide through water. Sure, you hone your skill and expand your techniques over time, but any reasonably fit person can quickly figure out how to propel themselves in a kayak. And at Blazin’ Paddles, you’ve got an expert guide along at all times who’s there to help out.

The Colorado River kayaking we lead is not hardcore or technically daunting: It’s more about communing with the river and taking in canyon scenery and wildlife while enjoying a low-grade workout. Our full-day tours can be aerobically demanding, especially when the wind kicks up, but you don’t need to be an expert to join by any means. (And meanwhile our half-day paddles are significantly less strenuous and nearly as fantastic.)

I Need to Know How to Swim…Right?

Knowing how to swim is an important life skill, for sure, but it’s not mandatory for kayaking with Blazin’ Paddles. You’ll be wearing a lifejacket during our Black Canyon journey (a common-sense safety measure, and also required by the National Park Service), and this river reach isn’t raging whitewater by any means, so you don’t need to know how to swim to join our tours.

But Kayaks Flip Easily, Don’t They?

No! Kayaks are much more stable in the water than they appear. That’s not to say flipping doesn’t happen in the Black Canyon, but your Blazin’ Paddles guide is here to attend to any and all upsets quickly. If you’re especially concerned, consider paddling in a double kayak, that much less likely to flip than a single one; you’ll always have a choice with Blazin’ Paddles.

More likely than not, your first time kayaking will not be your last: Once you experience the joy of paddling a kayak, it’s hard to go back. And what better way to try it out than with Blazin’ Paddles: guiding beginner, expert, and in-between paddlers alike through the utterly sublime Black Canyon of the Colorado River?

Book a Colorado River kayaking adventure with Blazin’ Paddles, and you’ll have the introduction of a lifetime to an ancient and supremely elegant form of on-the-water locomotion!

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